This is a sacred feminine leadership & ceremonial training

This self-paced course is designed to not only give you the tools to hold cacao and flower tea ceremonies but also to support you in your soulful business.

The Love of Cacao & Flowers

The world has never needed as much healing as it does today.Perhaps you’ve spent decades exploring how to make a world of difference in your life.Or maybe it’s as of recent that your heart has been pulling you towards deeper healing and transformation.

The Universe is always giving us signs.

Wherever you are in the journey, cacao has called your name.The flowers are reaching out to share their wisdom.Thank you for answering the call, because something led you here.This page contains an answer to your prayers. A sign in the direction of where you’re going.If you’ve are fascinated by or in love with cacao and all the amazing benefits of this powerful yet gentle plant, this is for you.If you love creating elixirs and delicious brews in the kitchen, this is for you.If you feel the call to share cacao in ceremony, or in small circles, with friends or family, this training will give you the basic building blocks to do just that.If your heart says YES, this is for you.

“The longest journey you will ever make is the one from your head down into your heart. Go there.”

Are you ready to dive deeper?
Into understanding the medicine of the cacao plant?
Into unlocking your heart’s desires?
Into your own unique purpose?
Into meditation, movement, art and ceremony?
Into the art of co-creation?
Into building your own tribe?
Into leading circles and connecting others?

This course will show you how to use the medicine of cacao and flowers to elevate your own life, health and practice, or impact others’ lives to make a difference.

Welcome Dear Sister

I am so grateful to see that you are here. If you’ve landed here with me, you’ve heard the call of the medicine of the flowers and cacao.Cacao is such a gentle yet powerful tool for you to use in your own personal practice as well as share with others.Working with cacao, flower teas, flower essences, herbs and superfoods has become my passion over the last decade, and it is my absolute honor to initiate you into this path.As a mamma, I invite you into a mothering space, where you will be nurtured, guided and held. This is more than a facilitator training, it is a initiation into your deeper gifts as a Medicine Woman.With Cacao Love and Flower Blessings,Suzanne Zephyr

Wild Cacao Facilitator Training

The wisdom in this body of work has been cultivated over 5+ years, with medicine women from all over the world.You will receive the full “Wild Cacao Facilitator Training” in 6 pre-recorded Training Modules will develop your skills as a facilitator and teach you a deeper understanding of the medicine of cacao.You will have access to a private membership group that includes previous and current students.In 2020, as COVD19 caused us to go more online, I added a new training on how to use cacao online and virtually. You will learn exactly how to use cacao with your online coaching clients and groups.


Discovering the Healer Within

Heal blockages to embodying you life purpose and discover your own unique healing gifts.


Sacred Space & Cacao in Ceremony

Learn about the properties of cacao and how to create your own sacred space.


Sound, Art, Movement & Meditation in Ceremony

Discover how to use each of these healing arts on your
own and within a ceremony setting.


Guiding Others & Practice

Learn how to lead using tried templates, and how to create your own.


Building Your Soul Tribe

Find out how to market, book and fill your workshops and circles with soul aligned tribe.


Cacao in a Virtual World

Learn to use cacao in online coaching and virtual ceremonies.

What's Included

- 6 Modules -
- Live Monthly Ceremonial Mastermind Calls -
-Ceremony Templates -
- 10 Cacao Code Transmissions -
- 10 Song Sanctuaries -
- Voice Activations -
- Guest Contributors and Masterclasses -
- The Tao of Flower Tea Ceremonial Training -
- Custom Music & Playlists -

Bonus Training

Cacao Song Sanctuaries

Activating your voice is an important part of feminine leadership, so that you may speak and sing your truth and your essence. With this course you will receive a series of "Song Sanctuaries" where you will receive voice activations and training by voice experts and medicine song holders. You will learn songs that you may use in ceremony, and for your own healing and pleasure.These portion is led by Lainey Crawford, Holistic Voice Coach, Sound Healer, Singer of Medicine Songs & Mentor in the Vocal Healing Arts. She is also a Wild Cacao Facilitator graduate.

You'll walk away with:

  • The tools and techniques you need to hold a ceremony

  • The wisdom and art of holding sacred space

  • Spiritual and emotional support from a tribe of sisters

  • A deep connection to cacao medicine

  • A collective that will support you in your life vision

  • A powerful practice for magnetizing whatever it is that your heart desires

  • Templates and guides to holding your own circles, events and ceremonies

  • Voice activations and medicine songs to sing for your own healing

  • A LIVE monthly ceremonial circle and mastermind hold this space for you to evolve into the medicine woman and healer that is within you. We love you sister!

Are you ready?

Your tribe is waiting for you to answer YES!

You’ll receive all the modules, bonuses and resources, when you pay in full.Payment plans are available to accommodate you financially.

The Cacao Code Activations

In addition to the teaching modules, you will receive powerful healing meditations, activations and visualizations to integrate the 10 sacred aspects of cacao. Each comes with a detailed set of instructions and PDF worksheet.

The Loving Warrior

Activating fierce compassion

The Womb of Life

Connecting to personal purpose

Fire Guardian

Ignite your passion and build boundaries

The Queen

Embodying abundance and wealth

The Connector

Finding your true voice

The Sensual Muse

Embracing your sensuality

The Divine Child

Healing the little boy/girl inside

The Native Spirit

Re-establishing connection to earth and ancestors

The Heart Bridge

Healing our connections

Meet your guides

As a health and wellness practitioner, Suzanne combines the benefits of movement, meditation and holistic living with superfoods to bring about healing: emotionally, physically and spiritually.After hosting live cacao events and working with cacao for several years in the Middle East and Asia, she began training and mentoring cacao ceremony facilitators in 2018. The body of work has grown to include flower teas, and healing superfoods.In 2019, She spent a year living amongst cacao trees in Bali, spending time each day deeply studying theobroma cacao. From the growing cycle, to the flowers, to the fruit and pods, to the color of her trunk, she has developed a uniquely personal relationship and understanding of how cacao works and is expressed. This is where the wisdom for this body of work was birthed.Qorianka and Lainey joined Suzanne in 2020, to be initiated into the cacao path. Qorianka shares her unique wisdom and knowledge of the indigenous Incan ways while Lainey adds her wisdom with the Song Sanctuary portion of the training.

Suzanne Zephyr

Cacao Mamma & Women’s Leadership Coach

Suzanne Zephyr is a Feminine Embodiment Mentor, a Cacao & Flower Master Ceremonialist and Yoga/Dance Teacher. She is also certified in Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki and Chakradance.Additionally, she holds an International MBA, is a business professor at TCU, and mentors women in creating wealth through a thriving soul business.Suzanne has lived over a decade in the Middle East and Asia, and draws wisdom from extensive world travels and studies. She offers a Cacao & Flower Tea Facilitator Training, 1:1 mentorships and plant medicine ceremonies.She is a mamma, physically and spiritually, and enjoys nurturing and supporting women in stepping into leadership roles.


Healer & Transformational Guide

A Peruvian native, Q’orianka is an Incan High Priestess, Healer & Transformational Guide for awakened women who want to step into their sacred destiny and live authentically in their divine essence.
Q’orianka comes from an ancient healing tradition of the Incan lineage. In her work as a priestess, she continues sharing these ancient spiritual practices and teachings as part of her ancestral legacy.

Lainey Prendeville Crawford

Holistic Voice Coach and Song Healer

Lainey Prendeville Crawford is a holistic voice coach and song healer who teaches the healing art of singing as a Spiritual practice and a sacred portal to the divine. She helps healers and creatives uncover the natural power of their voice so they can embody their full range of expression and confidently share their medicine with the world. She has a rich background in opera performance, music therapy, and vocal pedagogy and as a professional musician.

The medicine is calling.
Will you answer?

You’ll receive all the modules, bonuses and resources, when you pay in full.Payment plans are available to accommodate you financially.

A Journey Into The Heart

As you guide and heal your own heart, with cacao as your teacher, you discover your own power and potential as a guide for others.

Wild Cacao Training

All 6 modules, perfected over 5 years of facilitator trainings are included.

Flower Tea Training

In addition to learning how to use cacao ceremonially, you will also learn to use flower teas.

Private Facilitator Group

All facilitators will have access to an exclusive FB group to share the experience and connect

Bonus Training

Flower Tea Ceremonies

This beautiful training was developed in the island of Bali, which is abundant with flowers and radiant beauty. You will learn about the 4 feminine archetypes which govern the 4 seasons of life, and how they relate to you.For each season, there is a signature flower tea blend. You'll be gifted with the recipes, as well as 4 details ceremonial guides and templates to share and use in your own work. You'll be taught and given all the tools to create the most exquisite flower tea ceremonies.No one else in the world is teaching this body of wisdom.

The medicine is calling.
Will you answer?

To support you on your journey, each person who purchases the Wild Cacao & Flower Tea Facilitator Training will also receive a 1:1 session with Suzanne, to support you in stepping into your role as a Medicine Woman, and carrier of these sacred medicines.

Kind words from past students

"Joining Suzanne in the Wild Cacao & Flower Tea Facilitator Training has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself as a woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, photographer and business owner."

Sonia Wiles Hoffpauir
Louisiana, USA

Suzanne holds such a safe, nurturing container and has such passion for her teaching. She empowers you to deepen your connection to cacao and flowers, and then formulate your own unique expression ceremonially. The content she shares is in-depth and very supportive to get you on your way to facilitating sacred spaces for your communities.

Nathali Abeynayake
Sri Lanka

"I truly am loving the course so much and can honestly say that out of the thousands of courses I’ve taken, it’s already my favorite!Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and safe container to be seen, you have given me one of the greatest gifts of my life and I’m eternally grateful!"

Sherry Copeland
New York, USA

"Suzanne's Wild Cacao Facilitator Training was an amazing inner journey which softened my heart. I can honestly say that cacao changed my life!"

Sinem Topcu
Istanbul, Turkey

"The Wild Cacao Facilitator Training was far more than another course. It was a sacred circle of connection, growth and expansion. The group calls were filled with healing, along with learning to hold that space for others. There was far more value than what the course cost."

Dajon Ferrell
Michigan, USA

"Suzanne’s Wild Cacao and Flower Tea Facilitator Training Course was a beautiful experience for me in so many ways. Suzanne’s a great teacher. She’s organized and thorough. Her content is amazing and she shares it not only live, but also in visually pleasing documents.I picked up a lot of knowledge in the class,
especially regarding how to facilitate ceremonies, which was something new to me.
One of my favorite parts of the course was the sisterhood. It was an amazing group of women who really opened up to each other. Months later I am still in touch with many of the other ladies in the class."

Sandra Mayeux
California, USA

"I loved Suzanne’s sweet energy and how she made this online training safe for everyone to share their experiences. Her knowledge and connection to the flowers are very powerful and impressive.I appreciated receiving the booklets and all information related to this course. It is a very well designed training that can be applied easily anywhere with everyone interested in such a journey.
I valued the ladies in the training — Every single one of us contributed our own experiences and went through a lot in 2020. Yet we met on this course, connected, and respected each other. It was a real sisterhood.
For me I couldn't believe that a mix of flowers and mediation could connect me to my core feminine self so strongly and help me release negative thoughts and behavior that was not serving me anymore."

Jesse Chalfoun

"What I loved the most was the sisterhood connection and the subtle healing that took place; the energetic web of giving and receiving. I appreciated the the embodiment of various feminine archetypes with plenty of space for adaptation.
I am so grateful for the recordings too. I refer to them each time before conducting my own ceremonies, continuing serving other sisters and women worldwide."

Karmen Kantaatmadja

"I am so grateful that thanks to Suzanne I discovered cacao as a plant medicine. I use it now regularly in my personal practice. Guidance and insights I receive from Mama Cacao are really precious to me."

Ann O.

The medicine is calling.
Will you answer?

You’ll receive all the modules, bonuses and resources, when you pay in full.Payment plans are available to accommodate you financially.

Wild Cacao © Suzanne Zephyr

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Your investment includes:

- 6 Cacao Modules -
- Live Monthly Ceremonial Mastermind Calls -
- Ceremony Templates -
- 10 Cacao Code Transmissions -
- 10 Song Sanctuaries -
- Voice Activations -
- Guest Contributors and Masterclasses -
- The Tao of Flower Tea Ceremonial Training -
- Custom Music & Playlists -
- 1:1 Session with Suzanne -
- Ceremonial Review -
Pay in Full - $1,333
Payment Plan $555 x 3